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Ansali’s news and tips on the world of logistics and international freight. Everything you need to know about customs operations and transport, shipping goods safely.

esportare merce da italia a svizzera

Export in Switzerland from Italy: necessary documents

SAD, AEO, EUR1, commercial invoice, transport document, certificate of origin

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Compilazione cmr trasporto internazionale

CMR convention for the international carriage of goods by road

The CMR convention rules the international carriage of goods by road

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DA e DDA: come funziona il deposito doganale in Svizzera

AC and OCW: the functioning of customs warehouse in Switzerland

The customs warehousing is necessary when the customs clearance can not be immediately disposed.

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Italy/Switzerland transports: the groupage service

The groupage service allows to transport a limited quantity of different goods by collecting in one expedition and one vehicle.

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esportare inghilterra post brexit

Export in the United Kingdom after Brexit

Post-Brexit import/export between Italy/Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

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Oversize load transport limits in Italy: maximum sizes

Oversize loads regulation e permits.

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adr normativa per il trasporto merci pericolose

ADR regulations for dangerous goods transport

The European rules related to the transport of dangerous goods by road.

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Temporary export: A.T.A. Carnet in Switzerland

An international customs document which allows the temporary import, export and transit of goods.

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codice taric classificazione doganale merci

The Taric code

The instrument to calculate custom duties on imported goods

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Offerte di lavoro nel settore trasporti e logistica

Join Ansali’s team

We encourage team’s initiative and we are always searching for innovative ideas to improve more and more our proposals.

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EUR1 certificate: the new Italian customs procedure

How to request the Approved Exporter Status

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