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Ansali: your international freight company

At first just shipments from Italy to Switzerland, now an international network

Ansali SA is a freight company founded in 1951 in Chiasso, right in the heart of Tessin (Switzerland). We were born as forwarding agents shipping goods from Italy to Switzerland and from Switzerland to Italy.

Later on, thanks to the changes brought about by the opening of new international markets, Ansali got bigger and achieved high skills as an international freight agent.

Customized solutions for shipping goods

Our long-running experience enhanced Ansali to become an experienced and reliable forwarding agent on international basis, we have gained our reputation as a highly respected partner.

We can provide our customers with truck services, ocean freights, airfreights and special consignments to meet our customers’ needs for every type of goods.

Our staff takes care of our customers’ requests and can find a solution to all customers' needs supporting our customers throughout the whole shipping.

We cooperate with Ansali Italiana Srl, our partner based in Milan, a strategic position for our Italian clients and we are therefore able to offer a wider range of services.

Ansali’s professional counselling...far more than a mere international shipping company

We carefully and efficiently plan international freights, and we also offer a counselling service to support our customers in dealing with the daily problems related to customs operations, transports, storage and handling.

Ansali’s team has always attached high importance to building a strong relationship with its customers: trust has always played an important role in our job and this is has enabled us to be listed among the best international forwarding agents.

Ansali’s strengths

A complete customs service and efficient international shipping

Speed, professionalism and expertise as to international freight and customs services to achieve excellent performances as fast as possible.

Throughout our long-lasting experience we have reached:

  • Extreme precision and timing in the managing bureaucracy
  • A strong and well established network of selected suppliers.
  • Care and attention to the evolution of the market and its governing rules.
  • Our staff regularly keeps up with new skills.
  • Smart and effective use of IT software to carry out our daily tasks.


Swiss quality at your service

Ansali manages freights always taking into account the international laws, the vehicle features and the environment.

Throughout these years we have been awarded with the most important certificates, thus making our company even more professional:

  • Ansali SA – ISO Certification
  • Ansali SA – AEO Certification
  • Ansali Italiana SRL – ISO Certification

As an additional quality warranty, we are part of ATIS (Tessin Association of freight and logistic companies) which has been rapresenting the best logistics professionals of Tessin for more than 70 years. We are also CRIF certified, as evidence of our solid financial situation. 

The best solutions for transport and storage

We can offer professional solutions at budget prices for every kind of shipping and logistics, all around Europe and all over the World. We can handle all the needs as to the shipping of your goods, form logistics to documents.


Don’t hesitate to contact us to receive further information or to ask for a price. We will answer you as soon as possible and Ansali team will come up with the best tailormade solution to your logistics needs. 

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