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On the 1st of May 2016 a new customs regulation has entered into force through the New Union Customs Code (UCC) and the related supplementary, application and transitional provisions.

Some of those rules concern the preferential origin of the goods and specifically the Italian customs procedure related to the issue of EUR1 and EURMED certificates for the export of goods.

The customs administration, during successive checks coming from the custom authorities of the countries of destination of the goods, observed that some of them did not have the right origin requirements. Also, some customs clearance procedures did not have the suitable documentation to demonstrate the preferential origin of the exported goods.

For such reasons, the EUR1 Certificate previously issued has been withdrawn. In September 2019 the customs office circulated a communication to identify the customs operators which will not be allowed to use the pre-approved EUR1 Certificates form January 2020 anymore.  


How to request the Approved Exporter Status

Starting from the 1st of October 2019, to be compliant with the regulation the exporter must affix:


Amounts below 6.000,00 €

  • Statement of preferential origin of the goods on the invoice 
    For instance: “The exporter of the goods covered by this document declares that, unless otherwise specified, the goods are of preferential origin (specify the EU country of origin)”.
  • Stamp and original signature, name and surname of the signer included.

If the stamp, the signature or the origin declaration are not correctly inserted, the goods will be cleared through customs through the payment of the customs duty at the import.  


Amounts above 6.000,00 €



  • Merchant-exporter: The exporter has to declare to the customs operator, in addition to the mandate containing the assignment and the Italian or European origin of the goods, a declaration subscribed by the supplier pursuant to art. 61 and 62 of reg. 2447/2015 in the forms provided by annex 22/15 (annex 2) and 22/16 (annex 3) depending on the nature of the origin declaration (single or long term export operation).
  • Exporting producer: The exporter must declare to the customs operator, in addition to the mandate containing the assignment, a short description of the production cycle, technical sheets and invoices of the raw materials. He also must indicate the transformation or manufacturing process of the non-EU raw materials employed to obtain the original product.


Once obtained the exact documentation our customs operators will submit everything to the custom to obtain the evaluation and the EUR1 certificate.

The Customs Authority recommends to immediately request the Approved Exporter Status.



Origin declaration without EUR1 certificate issue

It exists the possibility to declare the origin of goods on the invoice for any amount without asking for the EUR1 certificate.


Such request involves two requirements:



  1. Frequent exports. The Customs Agency asks the operator to carry out regularly exports towards the non-EU country part of the agreement
  2. Proofs of the original character of the products. The operator must guarantee to the customs authority to be aware of the regulation related to the preferential origin and to correctly apply it to the exported goods.


To obtain the Approved Exporter Status it is necessary to submit a specific request to the Customs Office in charge in the country of the exporter which, once verified the compliance of the above-mentioned requirement, will issue the authorization.

The Approved Exporter Status is subject to customs authority inspection.


EUR1 certificate after January 2020

Starting from the 22nd of January 2020 the EUR1 certificate will be released only through an inspection by the customs authority of the documentation proving the preferential origin of the goods.

In case of non-approval to the export of goods from January 2020 it is necessary to liquidate the customs duties or to wait for the confirmation of EUR1 certificate. This could cause delays in delivering goods.

For this reason, we invite you to immediately ask for the customs authorization at your custom.



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