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Thanks to many years of experience, Ansali has become a cornerstone for the Italy/Switzerland/Italy transports, and nowadays it can propose to its customer different solutions.

Our Italy/Switzerland good transport service accounts for a wide transporters network and manage every kind of road freight transport: full load, partial load, groupage or express.

  • The full load transport allows to use all the disposable space of the vehicle optimizing logistic and shipping times depending on the exigences.
  • When the goods are not enough to employ a full load transport, it is possible to resort to a part load transport
  • The express shipping is dedicated to emergencies and ultra-rapid transport, for a very short time service.


Finally, Ansali is expert in the field of road groupage transport. With our experience, we know exactly how to deal with the exigencies of our clients.

Our experts plan the best solutions using the programmed departures in order to warrantee speed and efficiency for the grupage services to and from Switzerland.


The groupage service

The groupage service allows to transport a limited quantity of goods by collecting in one expedition and one vehicle different goods with the same geographic destination.

The advantage of the groupage service is the low price. In fact, sharing the space on the same vehicle means also sharing the costs between the customers.


Groupage transport in Switzerland

The groupage transport requires attention, professionality and control during all the steps of the shipping.

One of the key steps is the first one, called consolidation, which consist in the organization of the lot. It is fundamental to know each order in detail in order to fulfill a safe and proper assemblage. To do this, you need expert operators in the field of transports and the commercial document provided by the customer.

The carrier has to take into account different criteria to organize a groupage service, such as weight and volume of the goods, together with its intrinsic characteristics. In fact, it is fundamental to avoid combination of goods which can not travel together (e.g. dangerous goods and food).

The dangerous goods have to be carefully signaled and labeled, in compliance with the rules.

The customer, on the other hand, has to provide clear and exhaustive documentation of the goods, their nature and the right shipping address.

The carrier and the groupage transport operators have to put in practice all the measures aimed at warranting the safety in all the steps of the operation.

The parties subscribe a shipping contract where the customer fills out the transport note and is in charge for the details related to the shipping: complete address, weight, volume, dimensions, number of packages, category of goods, etc. The carrier in charge for the groupage  transport is responsible for the delivering of the goods at destination.


Advantages of the groupage service in Switzerland

  • Considerable savings
    The cost of the goupage transport is lower than other solutions, due to the share of the expedition costs between customers.
  • High flexibility on departures
    The groupage transport allows to assemble goods, optimize the service and provide many different options. For example, with this solution, it is possible to include many different national and international destinations and high frequency expeditions (e.g. more departures in a week).     
  • Widespread distribution
    In addition to the frequency of the groupage expeditions also the reachable destinations are intensified, optimizing the delivery time.  
  • Low environmental impact
    Last but not least, the reduction of the pollution. By using only one vehicle for more customers and by optimizing spaces/expeditions it is possible to obtain an important reduction of the transport pollutant emissions. Nowadays, sustainability and ecology are fundamental, and this aspect makes the groupage transport one of the most requested solution of transport to and from Switzerland.


Entrust Ansali with your groupage service in Switzerland

The expert team in Ansali will warrantee a safe, fast and exhaustive groupage service to and from Switzerland. We will support you during all the steps of the shipping with our flexibility, competence and insurance coverage.

Our shippers in charge for the groupage transport have a deep experience in the field. They will take care of everything and you will have nothing to worry about.  


Don’t hesitate to contact us to receive further information or to ask for a price. We will answer you as soon as possible and Ansali team will come up with the best tailormade solution to your logistics needs. 

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